“What a personal story!” I’m not writing this race What a story

Where did you come from?



I was always here.  I never arrived or I have ariven incessantly, I mean, intermittently,


You get it.  Deep down somewhere you’ve been here too.  I know, I know,

Fanny’s being all GRANDIOSE again- I get it.


Do you?  Pour me another cup of tea & we’ll talk….. What is


    What is the shape of your body?





My∞×↑®  I don’t have a shape.  True, I take

on   different shapes             one day this      -another

boom! Jaguar.  Watch out–    “®­È° it’s a jaybird! the me


you see    is only a projection of me

flut flut “®­È° flut  I move


My consistent body–

the one you see is only a projection of me

that I like.




That, I like.



Bo y∞×↑®  I om.F=or now










Well… then who was responsible for the death of your mother?


Whoa whoa whoa.  🙂

I don’t have a mother.  What mother? You

Have to be specific.  E\artjh?   The drunk one? htThe

one who picked me up? They found me in

the dirt     eating dirt   it was funny.

We’ll take that one please, yes, ring her up.

When that one read my diary–

clipshe suffered.           be∫∫∫∫ okay. bty79a8tlhellohello.


not the parts u think

None of that poem was about you.
Some of that poem was about you.
A piece of that poem was about you.
All of my poems are about you





Where do I go to lose you
Life is a poem I lost you why do

you cry I