Chicago bull

acceptance is an art art

like when you pull the white bands but

they only get tighter

is it time for my window to slide a jaunty elevate tune?

needs more bass


“No fishing here maam.”

but accep-

“No fish!”


I bull?

operating over billions of years how does it work

Neil deGrasse Tyson



300 million years later
we took that coal

that asteroid
100 million years later
bye bye dinosaur

all of your kings

the last second of the last day of this calendar

we are newcomers
the cosmos
the last night of the cosmic year

say… 40 thousand generations we were wanderers

naming things

didn’t start painting our first pictures until the last 30 seconds of the last day of the cosmic year
about 40,000 years ago

more stuff than we could carry
14 seconds to midnight: we invent writing

Suspend our thoughts
Save our thoughts
Send them far away

Not even two seconds ago
the two halves of the earth discovered each other

where and when we are
in the cosmos
and I can’t stop thinking about you