Sole and Ants, and a man, a door.

Hello WordPress world and good day.  I’m starting a short story challenge with my monthly writing group.  Here’s a short from last week.  Hope you like it and thank you for reading me.

.                                                                                                                                                              .

“This man, ugh, he bothers me.” Sole flipped through the brochures on the table and then shuttled them into the basket.  She looked up.

“Hmm.. okay yeah I wanna hear your story and all, but first I gotta go pee,” Ants said.

“You know there are cats in New York who piss less than you do.” Sole said.

Ants left the window but when he came back there was already someone else there.  “Hey, how’d you get here? I was in line first.”

The man ignored him and continued to whisper into the rectangle hole in the door.  He had his fingers hooked on each side of the six inch portal and his lips very close to the grate.  Ants didn’t like that.

“Hey, what are you saying to her?”

The man glanced at him quickly, barely moving his head. He had on one of those secure metal jackets, the ones that the gods couldn’t change.  They cost more than Ants made in a year.

The man’s bodysuit flickered as the gods tried to change his appearance.  The armor resisted, as it was supposed to do, but Ants wasn’t so lucky.  His Hawaiian shirt flickered and turned into a tight black workout shell, and his pants into biker shorts.  His hair stood straight on end.

“Guess it’s time to work out,” he said sadly.

The man at Sole’s window grunted and continued whispering.  Ants didn’t like that.

He edged over to the man and tapped on his armor.  It made a tinkering sound so Ants started tapping out a beat.  The man tried to shrug him off but he persisted.

Suddenly they heard Sole.

“Who’s there?  Is that Ants? Bring him back.  You. Leave.” Her voice was strong and firm. He liked that.

The man sighed and lifted his body from his crouch on the floor.

“You got your way.”

“I always do.”

When he looked back through the grate Sole was flipping through the brochures again. Her long dark brown hair cascaded down the edges of the white gown she wore, it was fitted.  So sexy, Ants thought.  She reached out to her shelf and pulled down the purple hat he’d gotten her.  Once she put it on her head it contrasted against the pale sheen of her skin and her eyes sparkled.

“Tell me a story,” she said to him softly.

“What kind of a story?”

“Oh anything really, something where things never change,” she purred and flipped off her hat.

Ants could see she was starting to crawl from her table to his window.  And.  He liked that.

“Once upon a time–” he began.

“No.  Something else,” she croaked and crawled knees on elbows closer to his door.

“Okay, uh.  A cat lived in a box.  Someone shot it.  The end.”

“I love your stories,” Ants heard her say, but he couldn’t see her anymore.  She was probably leaning up against the door, he thought.

“Ants, I want you to do something for me.”


“When they change the tree again, the one that’s right outside my south window, tie a yellow ribbon on it, and–”

“I cannot do that Sole. I mean, the grid doesn’t work like that anymore. You know that.”

An eyeball floated across the room and smashed against the wall.  Was it hers?  Or someone else’s? Ants wondered.

“Someone else’s,” he heard from the floor and then her finger poked out, slid against the grate, and tapped him on the nose.

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