Mercival and What I said. (4 minutes to read)

“What if he gets bored with me? I don’t know how… but what if he does?”

“What do you mean?”

“What I said.”

“Well, I mean, so what? What if he does… that happens you know.”

Mercival bit her lip. “Yeah but I don’t want it to happen–“

“Shit Mercival, just put it in his program, damn.  Stop making it so difficult.”

“But I don’t wanna put it in his program. I want him to really like me, want me, fall for me hard, over and over and lickings and rubbing  and oh my god have you seen him?”

Pholf looked over at Mercival’s sea.  He didn’t understand why her tub was full of the best sea, but he decided to ignore that for now.

“Where’d you get that ocean?” Pholf kept at his work but eyed into her tub again.  “The data for that mountain?  I thought we all got like 50 to start.”

“You’re not looking.”

Pholf looked at her man.  He was still half-mesh­ poly (ultra).  Pholf noticed the flesh organ (bit skin?) as it folded down and disattached from his thigh.

“You need to fix that.”

Mercival slammed her fist into the sea.  Everyone shuddered.

(What was that?)

“Just look,” she said.

Pholf glanced at the face.  Shit.

He was beautiful.  Damn.

He looked back up at Mercival.  “Let me have one of your oceans.  I’ll give you some flakes.  A lot of them.”

Mercival ignored him.

“C’mon.  I need it.  Just look at me over here.”

She looked over at his tub and sighed.  More of the same.  Factories, skyscrapers, ton after mound of business suits, stacked.

“Why’d you have to make ‘em so serious, again?”

“Fuck you I like it like that.”

“No you don’t.”

“I do, it keeps me preoccupied.  Do you know how many conversations I get? How many hysterics?  It’s awesome.  Look at you.  What do you get? Passing glances?  Pshh.  Child’s play.”

“I get a lot.  I just like to look at them.  But this one, I don’t know…”

Mercival patted another bit into his ear and sighed.

“Don’t be creepy.”

“I can’t help it.  And for one thing it’s not creepy.  I saw you do it.  Remember Oceanornia Seven?  I do.  I will never forget.” Mercival laughed until she accidently dropped her man into a cavernous volcano.

“OH NO.”

“Look what you did.  I told you.”

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