Similarly, Roger.


Roger needs to lie on his desk. Similarly, he heard his eyes on the phone, lifted his head. You do not have to look at the screen to know who it was that was not there. Inequality.

“They’re all equal,” she mumbled, raising her attention.

“Huh? Excuse me? I thought the caller was technical support.”

“Here” Roger complains.

“What is that?” Can help a woman who has a strong voice of raucedine. Roger dropped chocolates.


“Do I talk to the technology department or not?” The voice demanded.

“We’re here. We’re the same.” Roger joked, waking up while a naked snail dispenser and grimacing Genetic COF thick mud.

“Well, I’ll tell you what I think” …it’s the ultimate lady -1

“Stop there,” Roger played on screen and pressed the application Cats blinking “talk about life.”

The battle was silent so it was.


“: How to say it was shit and fix my eyes and timing it”

“Life is as funny as being true?”

Where is the pilot? You need to talk to someone who can help.

“We’re here. They are all equal. We can help. ”

“This is not going anywhere, I will not believe it”

“Tell me who you are.” He sighed, and the lion was R. adaptable wig, gave him a Pompadour.

The “. I’m Rebecca. M16, since I always have my spaghetti and unplug the disc. I do not like spaghetti.”

“Well, what’s going on.” Roger said, “Tell me.”

“I think that in the future even more than before lunch waste, as well as a list of products and buy at Wal-Mart, and a person who says he called a taxi for him. I do not think your body. Look,”

“Hm. Tell me about spaghetti.”

“It reminds me, worms and stink do not like it. Once and for all, I dreamed that I struck a bag of Doritos and instead of having the SACE horn a bat and nothing to eat the face of the chip. ”

Roger clicked the monitor screen in time, the four-minute limit. In fact, they say that this four-minute administration began to tax the issue and efforts 1 to solve.

“Give me a second, evaluating’m the problem,” Roger said.

“All right,” he said stiffly.

Roger pulled the phone out and looked at the screen. He looked at his hands, over and over again, or rub the farm, from Carousel, who he needed it. I do not know why. And that was when I heard the ringing of the email. It seemed a small box on the screen folded and cleaned the fingers’ ends, pants.

And they closed their eyes to move that day on that day, read a tall voice and start singing. He mixes false compliments.

“Thomas! Sam to me! What is this disorder? Overwhelmed there will be no problem as it is, there is a flourish of irritable stuff and ticker hey, can not I help you in one moment? Fast Lodo?

“No,” Roger said. “I am very.”

“Uh, er, he Knops, a better one, is not what’s in the vines here, huh, that if they talk to them, say, six minutes of the video?”


The box does not raise its eyes already opened. Closed fish. Grows a red dot on the screen. He picked up recipes.

He was making a table headset listening to his voice with a hollow spit hey. Roger grew up again, without damaging the trouble.

“Here I am,” he said, “we’re going to be in a vacuum here. ”

“Well, is the problem? I waited. ”

“No, literally, because you forgot it. I can not see it, can we see the video?” she asked.

“Well, no,” she hesitated, “I’m in the bathroom.”

“Even better.”

He rose from the throne and took his knops from his chair at the same time. She is shelter, and they think she is depositing. I looked around. What is friendly. Each office chair has a beautiful bed with a flush toilet and 4/4 inches (with filter) and a black hood sleeping clock.

Roger hate the time varies. He was there for up to 6 hours because of shut down, producing better and sleeping in intervals.

Looking through the window and gone the way to the city. The panels were 40 when they saw the ring of fire on the hills. Content.

He saw all its inhabitants of the black layer on the sidewalks, as long as one hour and twenty minutes. People give it up. And he. Everything they want. “We are equal” and pulled them off mumble hard pin them.

The developers sounded and a woman entered. “Hey man.” He did not say his name. “I do not know,”she says.

“HE.” I got a sleeve.

“Return” means

Ripped and wailing.

“All right.”

The place started and wondered what she was. Life is the thought, turned around, and there is no T-smile that did not come. This is not funny.

He knocked on his knees and lowered half the door. With closed eyes.

“I forgot his name,” he said.

Why close your eyes? He told.

Tell us what name you call it.

“… Reba viruses. My living name. ”

“Excellent. We are here.”

What’s Health?

“Well, I had to question it, and then …”

“Say, home, business management … sickness?”


– Good to start. R. sighed and opened his eyes. A beautiful woman with a box on the screen, in her mid-forties, robust, comes with every garnish.

“I have red hair,” he said.

“We want you to.”

Four towels dressed in space were the best of the most humorous members. This is criticism. To admire the glow of the light source of a glittering glow in the four divisions of the R. many other times they did with them, they were unable to prevent the business outbursts of the new, the old and the life of the extreme

“Do you like me?” She asked.

“Not really. I do not know what you are.”

“What do we do now?” And Roger asked for earphones right.

What he saw, here is the email above. When he opened the box, full of old Sam explosion in his father’s office, at least the backdrop of new effort.

“Hey, you’ll need to tell. I know the top management is um, but they all have some things … ”

And I know, Sam.

“Oh great. How often a bout tone, such as block, has been closed for 3 minutes.” Sam smiled.

“The real feather?” Roger asked.

“Uh no. Why do you want to see me later bud!”

Dissolved into the box and Roger Rebecca appeared to play some bubbles.

“I have to go.”

“What is that? Wait.”

“See, for example, behind you and focus on what you are doing, how it is the cause and effect.”



Roger slept on his desk. When he heard the


Roger had to lie on the table.  


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