“Tell me more.”

Roger slept on his desk. When he heard the tinkle of his earpiece, he raised his head and kept his eyes closed. He did not need to look at the screen to know who he was, what he was, where. We are all the same.

“We were all the same,” he murmured, half awake.

“Huh? Sorry? I thought I was calling for technical support. ”

“You’re here,” Roger sighed.

“What, you mean technical support?” The woman’s voice was hoarse and loud, and Roger lowered the receiver.


“Am I talking to the tech department or not?” The voice demanded.

“We’re here, we’re the same.” Roger joked, waking up, taking a slug from the thick-slug dispenser labeled COF and grimacing.

“Okay, well, I guess I should tell you how it all started.” I said to the last lady and …

“Stop right there,” Roger played down his screen and pushed a blinking kitten app instead, “Let’s talk about life.”

He heard a silence on the line and enjoyed it.


“Um, I need to fix my shit and tell you about what happened and I do not have much time-”

“Life is funny, is not it?”

“Where’s your supervisor?” I need to talk to someone who can help me.

“We’re here, we’re all the same, we can help.”

“This is not going anywhere, I can not believe it-”

“Tell me who you are.” Roger sighed and adjusted the kitten’s wig, gave him a pompadour.

“I’m a Rebecca, I’ve got a M16, when I’m out with friends I always order spaghetti so nobody will pick it up from my plate, I do not like spaghetti.”

“Well, that’s weird.” Roger cheered up, “Tell me more.”

“The shower, I think, does a lot of things to do in the future than before lunch to pick up the rubbish and a list of things to shop with Wal-Mart and the guy who said La a taxi asked nothing of it. I do not think it’s about body. Just look.”

“Hmm. Tell me more about spaghetti.”

“It reminds me of the worms, I do not like it. I once had a dream where I put myself in a Dorito bag and instead of taking out a chip I got a bat wing and did not look at me so I ate it.”

Roger clicked his time monitor on the screen, the four-minute mark. The management said that for four minutes they should have evaluated the problem and began attempt 1 to resolve.

“Just give me a second, I’m evaluating your problem,” said Roger.

“All right,” said the broken voice.

Roger pulled out his receiver and looked at the screen. He looked at the ticker through the bottom and began to rub his hands over and over the leg of his pants. I did not know why I was doing that. Suddenly he heard the ringing of his e-mail. The small box appeared on his screen as he folded and folded his cuffs.

He closed his eyes but it was a day shift, so the Intoner read it aloud. He heard the agitated and pseudo-soothing voice.

“Hey Roger! It’s me, Sam! How’s the bud going?” He listened down the way you were having a little problem there with techy stuff and ticker hey bud? Can I help you? Need a minute? Quick mud?

“No,” Roger replied. “I’m evaluating.”

“Uh, er, bud well, not what’s on the vid here, uh, how about if you show up in a video chat in say, 6 minutes?”

It seemed a small box on the screen folded and cleaned the fingers’ ends, pants.

“Of course.”


She opened her eyes and the box was kept to a minimum. The curly woman blinked a red dot on the screen. He lifted the cat.

The earbud on the desk echoed and heard the tinny woman, crinkly call hi. Roger lifted his yolk.

“I’m back,” he said in the void, “We’re here for you.”

“Well, did you figure out my problem? I’ve been waiting.”

“No, I literally forgot what you said you were. I can not see you, can you watch video?” Roger asked.

“Why, hey, no,” the woman hesitated, “I’m in the bathroom.”

“Even better.”

Roger took his bud and got up from his chair. Then he thought about it and replaced his cocoon. He looked around. They were friendly. Everyone in their office had nice flxi-bed chairs and a personal 4/4 inch sink (with a filter) and the black hood to sleep at the time of change.

Roger hated the time for change. They had to be there an extra 6 hours because of the off-shift hours and the production is better with sleep interval. It is true that they had all the technology and entertainment, streams and snacks they could swallow and really did not need to be home since schools had been synchronized but still thought it was a long day.

He went to the long window and looked at the city. They had 40 floors up and he could see the ring fire on the hills. Content.

He saw the filthy coats of all the inhabitants of the sidewalks, while they were an hour, thirty minutes of something. People passed by them. He would, too. Everyone would. “We’re the same,” he murmured to himself and pulled as hard as he could on a pin.

His earpiece rang and the woman’s voice came in. “Hey, it’s me.” You never told me your name. And I can not see you,” she said.

“Oh. I rose from my sheath.”

“Come back”, if a-

He wrinkled loudly.

“All right.”

He started to walk and wondered what the woman would be like, who she was. He thought about sending her a Life filter or Office Chairs Beauty Flexi and 4/4 inches (filter) spaghetti on the way back, but decided not to. It was not funny.

Looking the window again, he saw that all people are a black layer on the road, as long as one hour and twenty minutes. People are above them. And he did. All they want. “We,” he muttered against them, and pulled out a check.  He knew he was detained there for six hours, producing better, and if you sleep with each other.

He dropped back into his flxi-back and lowered the semitransparent door. He closed his eyes.

“I forgot his name,” he said.

-Why do you close your eyes? -I ask.

Tell me your name first.

“Rebbe … Stephanie, my name is Stephanie.”

“Right, here we go.”

“And your illness?”

“Well, I was calling for my problem, but then you said …”

“We will put the management in the domestic front of the industry in front of the operations in … Your ailment?”


-Good start. Roger sighed and opened his eyes. A beautiful woman is a box on screen, had mid-forties, robust, comes with all the trimmings.  She stirred false compliments.

“I have red hair,” he said.

“I want you”.

He was in a bath with a square towel four decks expertly covered through the most imaginative parts of his body. How demure. Roger wondered how many times he had made this resplendent radiant glow radiant he could not help but divide himself into these four directions and delegate specialists to deal with the, could not prevent the business expectations with, old and life of the extremes of

“Did you like me?” He asked.

“Not really. I do not know you.”

“So, what do we do now?” Roger asked and adjusted his earbud.

Just then, his email repeated again. The box opened to a full frontal blast from Sam in his office, or at least an office backdrop, Roger thought.

Behold, a box full of old Sam explosion father is in your office:

“Hey, it will be necessary to tell you. I know you’re top management um, but they all have certain things …”

And I know Sam.

“Hey Bud, we have to talk. I know you’re top management and all but one, there are some things …”

I already know Sam.

“Oh, great, how do you bump the bell on, say, a 3-minute block?” “I locked you in.” Sam smiled.

“With a real pen?” Roger asked.

“Uh no, why should I listen well? See you later, bud!”

The box cleared and Roger watched Rebecca play a few bubbles. He made the desk Earbud listened, her voice tinny PURSY hello. Dissolved into the box and Roger was Rebecca appeared to play a few bubbles.

Roger has risen again, without damaging the bud.

“I have to go.”

“What? Wait.”

“We see ourselves then focusing on each instance and what it does, how it does what it does, the effect and why.”






Roger needs to lie on his desk.  Similarly,



Roger had to lie on the table. Also, the phone



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