Not a joke

Or secret message
is at cynical

un numb
( )To where things happen

Nobody asks me about my day
What I think
Where I do


So I print for EVERyone

not just u



Speaking with him is like
I can not
Walking with him is like
Oh. Hmm
Staying in is how you snap
Oh. This is very interesting

Dreaming is like it
Oh hmm wait and pick up the package

Sinking through you anyway
not actively seeking meat
Be with you
but I do not eat it if it’s right in front of me

not the parts u think

None of that poem was about you.
Some of that poem was about you.
A piece of that poem was about you.
All of my poems are about you





Where do I go to lose you
Life is a poem I lost you why do

you cry I

Decidedly unpleasant, but fun to look at

Captain Hapn
didn’t happen
today I took a walk
al ong walk wary
capn hapn ….very very quiet

not suppsed to make scenes
plot plod plod
plot not even then

a boy screamed at me thru windows see
three hour walking
capn hapn figure aristotled

so yes I took a long walk wearing the wrong outfit and walked past a huge green frog where nothing happened and thought about a mini-skirt changeroo and deeply unpleasant, decided against it, I already know what’s wrong with it.

How do you know what’s wrong with it if you didn’t even talk to it? Well, i would be fascinating to look at but that’s about it.

So a walk and then a boy screamed at me through a car window either
“Dick!” or
“You’re dead!”
which I would’ve preferred dick as to the truth of it
although I’d died twice before in this life that I know of so it kinda woulda been true too

people are mean
and funny

…did you just call me a dick? why? a one-way gate
noooo definitive actions
just long pent up walks mittens no mini

don’t really knowing much atall

Pin the tail

I’m never sure (being blindfold me and all)
who is who
and which is you I grope through dark spinning heads
of chatter cheers

then a snotty kid grabs my arm and pushes me new direction
a parent chirps and answers her cell phone
a truck booms by
and really Eye just guess Touch and
Feel a lot.

Still unsure most of time and
I get it-
I get it (pinned)

a break
I get
the prize
it’s me.

and oh I really just got comfortable in the ambiguity…

But now I know a tail or two

I leave
I go


But of course,

I edited poem for clarity, my friend told me last night that the disjointedness, especially near the end, was a little too avant-garde.  I think so, too.  Here goes nothin’


I felt his hand on the rain
bodies through a void… listen

I just wanna be your friend.

And I, of course,
and I do not

in fact I know
I didn’t know how to talk about the creepy feel,
that I

was I
it was me.

I creep like Prince covering atht Radiohead song
screw those guys and their not-on-the-internet-music

like Prince

ha ha

sorry Prince.

And I still like Radiohead I
just give ’em a hard time

(like I wanted from you)

this is why ( _ left.)
To get better and not be that haunted house walking around on stilts through your universe and 10 rhymes with Friends so I used it

It didn’t really mean anything.

The 10.

(Not you, I think you’re great.)


So I left,
but I

your little friends in the (…what I meant was remember when you were a kid and you would get those little heart necklaces pretty cheap and they had spaces in the middle to put all the pictures of your friends and you would go around school and say, “You’re a great friend!” and “You’re a great friend!” or maybe your school didn’t do that but ours did and it was sweet)

So I was trying to say I think you’re cool and I finally got over the inappropriate crush thing and

got back normal.

But very rare to middling I was forgetting
and loose that necklace
under the cushions
or in the garage

and start thinking sex again



or something like that.
and a goat

is a goat.


But I, of course,

I felt his hand on the rain
close water bodies falling into the void…
I just want to be your friend
I, of course,
and I do not

in fact I know how to talk about the creepy feel,
Haunted house on foot stilts
So I left
but I

your little friends in the heart of classes 5 to wear on your neck, and then I lose
or between the cushions under the sink, in the garage and cushions, I need to stop thinking about
sex thingy
Friends will be OK
children OK