Decidedly unpleasant, but fun to look at

Captain Hapn
didn’t happen
today I took a walk
al ong walk wary
capn hapn ….very very quiet

not suppsed to make scenes
plot plod plod
plot not even then

a boy screamed at me thru windows see
three hour walking
capn hapn figure aristotled

so yes I took a long walk wearing the wrong outfit and walked past a huge green frog where nothing happened and thought about a mini-skirt changeroo and deeply unpleasant, decided against it, I already know what’s wrong with it.

How do you know what’s wrong with it if you didn’t even talk to it? Well, i would be fascinating to look at but that’s about it.

So a walk and then a boy screamed at me through a car window either
“Dick!” or
“You’re dead!”
which I would’ve preferred dick as to the truth of it
although I’d died twice before in this life that I know of so it kinda woulda been true too

people are mean
and funny

…did you just call me a dick? why? a one-way gate
noooo definitive actions
just long pent up walks mittens no mini


“I’m dead?”
Triangles heard the question yet squeezed her eyes tight and tried not to listen to strike blows on ground.
“There’s a plane, it’s not a plane,” hissed one, ungainly.
Nobody listened.

“I’m dead?” Plane demanded and collected in wet corners of the cave, groaning in a pitiful.
Ahh there were circles, whimpering “are.”


Line hit, bounced up and down in dark, light
it fell through crack and showed 2 dimensions, squirming.

“No, you’re a stick! A twig two ways …” shouted squig, a strong back.

Don’t let it move, don’t let it move all prayed.

Plane turned around, started yelling erupted turtles, coffee and large.

“What’s a coffee?” thought a vapor, and cried the whole rest of the night.



Ý  Δ