Chicago bull

acceptance is an art art

like when you pull the white bands but

they only get tighter

is it time for my window to slide a jaunty elevate tune?

needs more bass


“No fishing here maam.”

but accep-

“No fish!”


I bull?

not the parts u think

None of that poem was about you.
Some of that poem was about you.
A piece of that poem was about you.
All of my poems are about you





Where do I go to lose you
Life is a poem I lost you why do

you cry I

)and oh(

a Fucking Goddamn Blarmy Turgle
waddled to the stage
licking pennies

oh come on who put this goddamn blarmy stage here?
…………………………she said said they the turtle

circles tittered “there”


stages kept erupting.

…•..fucking goddamn blarmy circles  • muttered
• turgle
• licked
• ant
• penny

Wisp in air of shambled forward with a toothate
excuse me turtle-

a Fucking Goddamn Blarmy Turgle! she said (turtle)

yes but sir what medicine would brew and give inside a ghost…. medicine would you
give a ghost inside a toothake?

AH FOR CHRIST SAKES WHo let this pissing wisp ant… oh

)and oh(

it’s you.

I’ve wanted to talke to you

moon began